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If Your Genotype Is AS, See The Challenges You Are Likely To Face In Life

Genotype refers to the genetic makeup of an organism. A Genotype Is the genetic constitution of human being. It is a person's heritable genetic identity, transferred from parents through genes. There are many types of Genotype, which also tells about a person's blood group,we have Genotype AA, As, SS, SC, AC, CC.

For people with Genotype AS, it is as a result of combination from the father and the mother. It could be that the mother is AS while the father is AA or vice versa, this gives rise to children that are AS or AA. But for people who are AS, these are the likely Challenges you will face as a result of your Genotype which is not as strong as AA.

Malaria and typhoid

People with genotype AS are believed to be prone to malaria due to low resistance to the disease.

Problem of choosing a life partner

If you are an AS, you can not just get married to any man or woman of your choice, you can only get married to someone whose genotype is AA. If you marry anyone who is not AA, you will end up giving birth to children who are sickle cell, SS.

Don't have too much strength for work

Some people who are AS have very little strength,they can't do hard labour. They are very fragile and easily catch cold and fall sick because of their immune system is not too strong.

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