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How To Return High Blood Pressure To Normal With This Natural Herb - Check It Out

The continuous rise in high blood pressure above normal, always above 140/90 in an adult. Blood pressure is measured to take into account how much blood flows through vessels of the blood and the total of resistance the blood encounters while pumping in the heart is being carried out.

When an artery is tiny or narrow, how tiny the artery is also determined, the severity of the blood pressure on the sick person.

Though, there are different things that could lead to the cause of this life-threatening disease that is leading to sudden death among people that are suffering from it.

The causes are; habit of smoking, obesity, too much consumption of alcohol, genetics, food eating habit and stress.

This can be treated so easily and an assurance of getting cure within four to a week can be granted to the person who is being sick.

Pluck out three leaves of the cathedral bells (Bryophyllum pinnatum) known in Yoruba language as Ewe Abamoda, in Igbo language as Oda Opue, put the leaves in your mouth, chew and eat it with a small onion. Please make sure the leaf is clean before you put them in your mouth.

If you have enough of this leaf growing in your compound or in the compound of your neighbor, pluck out the fresh leaves, sun dry it and ground it into a powder. Start adding 2 teaspoon into your ogi (pap) or tea or add to your water. It works like magic. 

NOTE: Always get your BP checked starting from the day 1 of usage of the herbs to prevent low BP

CAUTION: If you have low blood pressure be careful not to take this herbs as it could get your blood pressure lower the more. 

Content created and supplied by: OhAfriculture (via Opera News )

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