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Here are 5 symptoms of skin cancer

As we know, there are different kinds of cancer and skin cancer is known as one of them. This type of cancer is quite rare in our society today, but there are people who suffers from this illness.

Moreover, skin cancer like other type of cancer, is known as the abnormal growth of cell in the skin. This kind of cancer often develop on areas of sun-exposed skin, including the scalp, face, lips, ears, neck, chest, arms and hands, and on the legs in women. 

Furthermore, the symptoms of this illness vary and often include a growth or lump on skin. In this article, I will be sharing with you few symptoms of skin cancer.

Symptoms of skin cancer

1. A large brownish spot with darker speckles

2. A mole that changes in color, size or feel or that bleeds

3. A small lesion with an irregular border and portions that appear red, pink, white, blue or blue-black

4. A painful lesion that itches or burns

5. Dark lesions on your palms, soles, fingertips or toes, or on mucous membranes lining your mouth, nose, vagina or anus

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