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4 Things That Can Cause Burning Sensations In The Leg

A burning sensation in your legs may occur due to a leg injury or during or after exercising. It could also occur due to damage or exposure to extreme heat, cold, or a harmful substance.

A burning feeling in your legs can often be followed by:

• Paresthesia (tingling).

• Numbness.

Some of the things that cause a burning sensation in the leg include.

1. Exercise

Exercise that uses muscles in the legs can lead to a burning feeling. This does not always mean that the muscle gets injured.

While exercising, the body requires more energy than normal. It cannot take insufficient oxygen to produce energy, so the muscles in the body take over. This makes lactic acid, which triggers a burning feeling when it accumulates.

2. Exposure to the sun

Sunburn leads to the inflammation of the skin. It may feel hot to the touch and lead to a burning sensation for some time. It is important to cool the skin down to lessen pain and stop further damage.

3. Nerve damage

Peripheral neuropathy is the health term for a kind of nerve damage. It mostly impacts the legs and feet but can sometimes impact the arms and hands. Diabetes is a common condition that triggers nerve damage.

High blood sugar from diabetes causes harm to the nerves and blood vessels feeding the nerves. Over time, this can cause peripheral neuropathy.

4. Injury

When you have an injury on your leg it can cause pain. In particular, damage to muscles can lead to a burning sensation.

When muscles stretch further than they should, it can lead to a strain. This can lead to the tearing apart of the muscle.


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