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This is a big threat to Nigeria, UK about to give our doctors a chance to leave the country

Nobody needs to tell us how bad our healthcare system is in Nigeria, because we already know this.

Many of our Nigerian doctors went to mid-standard medical schools, but they are still doing well in our Nigerian hospitals without a good system of health in Nigeria. It would have been a rational wish if the number of the people who died in this country as a result of poor health care system could be accounted for. It is very certain that the results will show that more people have died as a result of poor healthcare system than any cause of death in this country.

Many Nigerian doctors will leave this country at the slightest chance, and it is really a big threat to Nigeria that the chance for this doctors to leave the country has come.

The United Kingdom recently announced a new "Health and Care Visa" policy that has attracted the best talented doctors in Nigeria to move to the United Kingdom. In their large numbers, the doctors have been embracing the development, and are possibly nurturing the idea of leaving for the United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom has introduced this policy to care professionals, social workers and their families in order to boost its own national health services (NHS).

This is a big problem for Nigeria, because the same doctors that have not been provided the right medical equipment and given the due respect they deserve, are about to be snatched away by the United Kingdom, a country with a more well-structured healthcare system and a better health policies for their doctors and social workers.

Nigeria is about to lose one of the pillars holding the structure and integrity of the country to the United Kingdom. The truth is, our doctors deserve better and there is nothing wrong if they want to leave this country to better their skills abroad, the repercussion will only be faced by Nigeria.

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