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4 Men Who Injected Themselves With Chemicals For Big Muscles [Photos]

There are a lot of strange things that are going on in different parts of the world, some people injected a deadly chemical in their body that is known as Synthol because they want to be famous and well recognize Bodybuilders.

We will be discussing 4 Bodybuilders men that injected a deadly chemical called Synthol in their body.

1: (Teresa Kirill)

Kirill is a well recognize bodybuilder man that injected a very deadly chemical known as Synthol in his body for him to have huge and big muscles and is popularly called the huge man.

After a few months, he started developing pain all over his body, Kirill undergo a surgical operation to remove the deadly chemical toxins from his body, he is now doing well.

Check out beautiful photos of Kirill and his lovely wife.

2: (Valdir Segato Beefcake)

Valdir Segato Beefcake was from a country called Brazil, he is a famous bodybuilder that injected a dangerous Synthol toxic chemical in his arm to have big muscles.

See photos of Valdir Segato Beefcake big muscles.

3: (Dos Santos Romario)

He was from Brazil, he injected a dangerous chemical mixture of Synthol and Alcohol in his arm, Romario Dos Santo have a strong and big muscles.

According to a report, he undergo a surgical operation to remove the deadly toxic chemical from his arm in 2015, he is doing very great now.

4: (De Souza Arlindo)

He was from a country called Brazil and a well recognize Bodybuilder that injected a dangerous Synthol chemical in his arm.

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