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Here 's Why you keep treating yourself for malaria all the time.

Once in a while, we either treat ourselves from a certain ailment or against it.

Malaria being one of the most common ailments is a disease caused by the plasmodium parasite which is spread to the human body through the bites of infected mosquitoes. There are many types of plasmodium parasites, but only 5 causes Malaria in humans.

It comes with common signs and symptoms such as:

. Fever.

. Feeling of discomfort.

. Feeling hot and shiver.

. Fatigue.

. Pale skin.

. Nausea and vomiting.

. Headache.

Since our bodies aren't the same,some people may feel ill, as early as 7 days to as late as 1 year.

Below are some reasons why you keep treating yourself for malaria even if you did that about a month ago.

1. You probably stay in a Malaria proned area. It could be where you are staying either for a short or long period of time.

2. You aren't treating yourself properly.

3. You don't complete your medication.

There maybe more reason, but these are the major reasons to look out for.

How you can prevent yourself from treating malaria all the time.

1. Make sure you complete your full medication, even if you feel like you've fully recovered.

2. Endeavor to seek medical attention as soon as you notice any symptoms of malaria and take the right dosage as prescribed by the doctor.

3. Use of insecticides and mosquito net can also play a role in this.

Can you make a full recovery of malaria?

Of course, if only Malaria is diagnosed and treated as soon as possible and quickly.

Above all these, the best way to get rid of all these is by keeping your surroundings clean and free from stagnant water and dirts.

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