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Opinion: Stop Sleeping On Your Right Side, These Are The 5 Reasons

Sleeping is very important every day for us to stay alive because it helps in refreshing the system of the body.

Several problems are traceable to bad sleeping habits that have a negative impact on your health.

Situations like a painful burning sensation on your cheat, neck sprain, and back pain, can occur from sleeping with a bad position. For you to enjoy a nice night's sleep, it shouldn't just be about a comfortable pillow but you should consider the general health importance of your position.

When you sleep on the right side, it can make some problems to transpire and it is always good to stop the pattern, to prevent further breakdown of your health.

These are the five reasons, why you must not lie down to sleep on your right side:

Sleeping with your right side can make you have excessive pressure on your skin which results in facial wrinkles. Laying down on your back is a decent antidote since this position reduces any tension on the skin of your face.

As reported by professionals, laying down on your right side can result in persistent back pain because of the burden on the backbone. The backbone suffers all through the night since it's not in its normal position.

Laying down on the right side or on the back can result in having gastrointestinal problems deposes your stomach from its normal position, resulting in heartburn, discomfort, the tasting acid in your mouth, horrible breath, pains on your chest.

It is better to lay down on the bed with your left sides.

Always sleeping on the right side, can result in a twist of your neck and harm the jellylike portions of the disc of your spinal cord, which can end up in chronic pain. The best choice to prevent this dilemma is to constantly sleep on your back.

Professionals have warned women who are pregnant to avoid sleeping on their right positions, because of the burden the sleeping position puts on the baby.

The sleeping posture restricts the vacuum needed for the baby and this will cause comfort for the woman. Pregnant women are advised to always sleep on their left position because this position allows full oxygen as well as blood to flow for the baby and the mother.

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