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It took me hours to know and accept that this is not a human foot but a shoe (See photos)

Shoe making is one of the lucrative businesses in our world today. To become a shoe maker, you have to be psychologically creative in order to impress your customers and the world at large.

A talented shoe maker in Cameroon has wow the world by producing a shoe that looks like a human foot. When I saw the photos of the shoe on Facebook, I looked at the photo twice for me to be sure that it was a shoe, but at first I thought it was a human foot.

The shoe looks like a human foot, but I keep wondering how this person constructed this shoe that looks more like a human foot. This person must be a genius in what he or she does because this is the first time I have seen such a product. 

See photos of the shoe that looks like a human foot

Guys, if you are told to buy this kind of shoe, will you buy it? 

As for me, I will not buy it because it is scary 

Let's see your reactions

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