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Once You Clock 40 and Above, Avoid Taking These 3 Things To Prevent Stroke

Stroke is a very dangerous disease, that people get at their old age. The percentage of people that suffer from stroke above the age of 50 is surprisingly high, due to the kind of food people eat and their lifestyle.

How does Stroke Occur?

A stroke happens when blood supply to a part of the brain is stopped, reduced, or interrupted, preventing brain tissues from getting oxygen and nutrients. This will cause a sudden breakdown of brain cells, and they begin to die in minutes.

Stroke is a medical emergency, and if a stroke patient is not treated quickly, stroke can easily result in death.

Avoid these 3 things if you want to stay away from a stroke.

1. Excess Alcohol

We all know that excessive alcohol is not good for the body. It causes gradual damage to the liver. This will stop blood clotting, which can cause severe brain bleeding, leading to a stroke.

2. Excess Red Meat

If you take red meat constantly, please reduce it. Instead, eat chicken and other proteinous meat. Red meat contains a high level of saturated fat, which can be very harmful to the body. A weak immune system can never fight stroke.

3. Excessive Smoking

Smoking is generally associated with all kinds of diseases. It's a little pleasure that can cause high blood pressure, avoid it at all cost. It will slowly damage the lungs and cause difficulty in breathing.

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