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The 4 Scientifically Proven Methods To Conceive A Baby Boy

A couple has many reasons why they want a specific gender whenever they plan for a kid. Normally, most couples have envisaged a particular order in their mind about the kind of family they want to build. Some families have already envisioned themselves bearing baby boys and girls. Due to some reasons, many families want to have lots of sons. In terms of gender, regular pregnancy is 50/50 percent for male or female children. But a question is raised if there is a way to improve the chances of having a baby boy.

However, there are few things you can do to help promote the development of a baby boy while pregnant.

1. Timing and recording your cycles (The Billings Methods)

This method was developed after the conclusion of studies by monitoring the woman's vaginal mucus and keeping track of her period. A woman's ovulation cycle can be tracked to know the best day to have sex for the development of either gender. Tracking the consistency of the vaginal mucus and texture will aid in charting exactly when to have intercourse for the best chance of conceiving a baby boy.

This can be achieved by the knowledge of the woman about her menstrual cycle and regular hormone testing and fertility rest. However, men have a role to play here, stay away from masturbation 3 days before their spouse's peak fertility day along with a dietary and healthy lifestyle for improved sperm quality. So, the quality of the sperm must be good to produce a baby boy.

2. Improvement on Diets

The quality of diets you take determines the quality of your semen. It is commonplace that the overall health and suitability of your body for pregnancy can be associated with the quality of your food and lifestyle. Your specific diet can have a dramatic effect on the gender of your baby.

There are many things the woman can try to improve and enhance her chances of conceiving a baby boy. Eating a more alkaline-based diet to change the acidity of your cervix to a more alkaline environment aids the male sperm to thrive. This will increase your odds of having a baby boy. Also, taking figs, apricots, and tomato juice to give you a more alkaline boost. More so, the feeding timetable will play a big role in the baby's gender. A study showed that women who take calorie-rich (cereals) breakfast had a higher chance of conceiving a boy. Consuming foods with potassium, and sodium helps too. Eat less calcium to promote the development of a baby boy.

3. The Shettles Method

The Shettles Method is another obvious and popular method of predetermining the gender of your baby. This method is based on the notion that male sperm cells are smaller and faster than their female counterparts. The female sperm cells are bigger, stronger, and have high survival capabilities. So, having intercourse at just the woman's peak ovulation day can result in a male sperm cell fertilizing the ova thereby conceiving a baby boy. So, the woman has to be fully knowledgeable about her menstrual cycle.

The Shettles method suggests deep penetration during intercourse and ejaculation to help the male sperm cells meet up with the egg quicker and first to fertilize it. It also suggests that the woman reaches a climax during intercourse to cause vaginal mucus to be more alkaline heavy. This promotes the development and speed of the male sperm cells.

4. Sperm spinning and Pre-Implant Genetic Testing

The surest way of having a baby boy Ir any gender of your choice is through the use of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). The sperm spinning involves collecting a semen sample from the man placing it on top of the albumin solution. This theory is testing for the smaller, faster male sperm cells which will swim through the solution faster.

When the male sperm cells are separated from the female, the males are then used to fertilize the woman's egg for a chance of having a male baby. The IVF can be done by inseminating/fertilizing the woman's egg with the male sperm cells and place back in the womb.

Therefore there are chances of conceiving a male child from the pre-planned methods above.

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