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U.K. US and Canadian government has accused Russia of trying to steal coronavirus vaccine research.

 U.K. US and Canadian government has accused Russia of trying to steal coronavirus vaccine research. 

U.K, U.S. and Canadian governments said

Russian state intelligence is hacking international research centers that are racing to develop a Covid-19 vaccine.

Meanwhile Russia has denied the claim. The government denied any involvement in hacking coronavirus vaccine research.

He said we don't know who may have hacked pharmaceutical companies and research centers. We can only say Russia has nothing to do with these attempts. 

Russia said the accusations is an attempt to tarnish the reputation of Russia’s vaccine efforts

This claim by the UK, US and Canadian government has stirred huge uproar on the internet 

See people's reaction 

@jonalyn: What a shame work with them people instead of stealing it.Everyone wants power and they will say they are the one who have done it first but actually it is photocopy for short no originality.Whoever discover the cure 1st then we need to share it and no stealing please.

@beglan: The Russians successfully sent the first human into space. They are big enough to allow the Brits claim first place.

@everyday: Why don’t they just ask for it?

@kae: Probably didn’t occur to them as they’re history is to smash & grab whatever they wanted.

@fisch: because if Russia actually produces an effective vaccine, then it can only be because they stole all the knowledge from the developed world...

Why not just making it open source, so that we as the world can put this pandemic behind us?

@kweetex: And China has lodged a formal complaint against Russia. Putin doesn't know that hacking, stealing, and technological theft are Xi Jinping's exclusive domain.

@claris: In all fairness, why isn’t everyone sharing the info with the world since it will help all of us? Is it about who gets the credit for it? We just want the world to cure this.

@tre: Pure speculation but maybe because they don’t want Russia taking a huge surplus of the materials needed for the vaccine. In a perfect world everyone should get it; in a realistic world, those who discover the cure first get it first. The rest split the remainders, if any is left.

@Cwonder: Because companies can make a profit. USA is not innocent. We all want to make money even during world wars and pandemic

@Deingirl: If this was an American company, Russia wouldn’t need hacking, trump would just give them what they want

@Melk: Any vaccine found must be universally available for mankind .it will be good for countries to support and share everything related to vaccine.vaccine is not a business opportunity in pandemic of this scale. every life is valuable

You have seen people's opinion what is your stake on this. 

Let's here from you. 

Sources: Bloomberg. 

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