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4 Foods That Can Help Raise Your Hemoglobin Count

Incase you don't know what hemoglobin is, or this is the first time you are hearing of it, it is a red protein in your blood that is very vital for the transportation of oxygenated blood to the organs in your body. It also helps in the transportation of carbon(IV) oxide from the organs in your body to your lungs to be expelled from the body.

A deficiency or low count of hemoglobin in your blood can lead to several health problems such as weakness, pains in the chest region, and shortness of breadth etcetera. Low hemoglobin is related to several health problems, but your diet can help increase your hemoglobin count.

Hemoglobin is composed of a substance known as heme, and globin (which is a protein). Collectively, it functions in the distribution of oxygenated blood to the tissues in your body and the expulsion of carbon(IV) oxide from your body. Low levels of hemoglobin in your blood is usually associated with anemia and other health conditions but as I mentioned above your diet can help in the management or treatment of low hemoglobin.

1. Vegetables such as Spinach, water leaf, bitter leaf, etcetera. Vegetables can be consumed either as vegetable soup or used in preparing vegetable salads. Either way the main thing is that it contains iron and folic acid which are important nutrients for your hemoglobin.

Both iron and folic acid are important in making blood cells which comprises of hemoglobin, blood platelets, and white blood cells. Consuming vegetables helps to increase the level of iron and folic acid in your body which in-turn helps to increase the production of blood of which heme globin is inclusive.

2. Beans. Wether as bean porridge or plain beans consumed with stew, beans is a very good food for increasing your hemoglobin count. Like vegetables, it contains iron and folic acid which as we have mentioned helps to increase the production of blood in your body, thus helping to increase your Hemoglobin count.

3. Meat such as chicken, pork, or beef. Meat contains a substance known as myoglobin which is one good source of dietary iron which as you already know helps to increase your hemoglobin count by helping to increase blood production.

4. Eggs. Wether prepared as omelet, scrambled eggs, or boiled eggs, it is a good source of iron like the aforementioned foods.

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