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You Will Regret These Choices In 10 Years

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An integral part of life, everyday we make choices and decisions. The happiness and sorrow we have felt could all be traced back to be the result of the choices we made.

Time is short, opportunity escapes grasp swiftly. The best way to utilize it is through making the right decisions in your life.

Psychologists have confirmed that the most painful feeling a person lives with is 'Regrets'. And you can never find a suitable definition to 'Regret' than a feeling of anger, sorrow and pain as a result of wrong choices made previously in life.

A lot of people are already, and will live the rest of their lives, fighting the demons birthed by their wrong choices: missed opportunities, divorce, bad habits, debt.

You can avoid falling into this web in the future, or at least, limit it to the barest minimum.

In this article, I mentioned some choices that will cause us regret in 10 years to come if we do not avoid them. Of course I am not an old man: I compiled it from the advice and discussions I had with our respected elders.

1. Unhealthy Lifestyle

The human circulatory, reproductive, and respiratory system is the most vital part of the human health and well-being. Unfortunately, there are harmful substances ingested by people especially youths that affects the system.

Many Nigerians suffer from diabetes, liver cirrhosis, lung cancer, erectile dysfunction later in life: all of which are associated with alcohol consumption, hard drugs and smoking.

The issue is becoming worst day by day as we find the consumption of such harmful substances glorified and displayed on movies and music videos.

In 10 years to come, you will regret not avoiding alcohol, reducing stress, eating well, and exercising regularly.

2. Illiteracy

Knowledge is power. Our youths have been deceived into believing that the goal in life is to 'make money' fast and not seek for education. This is why phrases like 'School na Scam' is always heard from deluded youths.

When you are educated and skilled at your field, your service will forever be needed. While if you choose to be an illiterate and engage in fraud or crime, then your happiness and service is short-lived. You will regret it in the years to come.

3. Bad Friends

A friend could either push you forward in life or pull you back. Friends whose goal in life is to live lavishly and chase girls without goals are doing you harm more than good. A good friend is the one who always improves you educationally, mentally and physically. A good friend is he who does not discourage from chasing your dreams rather he supports you.

Change friends, or you will regret it in the nearest future.

Remember, Muhammad PBUH said: "A person is upon the way of life of friends. So consider very carefully who you take as friends." [Hadeeth]

4. Wasting Time

Time is precious. It flies, and it does away with plenty opportunities. Time management is very crucial in your life. We have seen or heard of people who achieved within 5 years what others could not achieve over the period of 20 years.

Be productive, have a timetable and engage in plenty of things that will benefit you tomorrow.

These are are some of the rules we have to learn and live by in life to have a truly good life.

God Bless You

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