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Skin Care

4 Reasons You Have Veiny Face.

The veins particularly on your face may become visible, but are often no cause for concern. They’re usually seen on the front of your forehead or the sides of your face. They are often linked with age.

Bulging forehead veins are common. If they’re followed by pain, however, you should visit your doctor.

According to MedicalNewsToday, some of the causes of visible veins on the face are;

1. Alcohol intake

Alcohol can dilate the blood vessels for some time. Frequent alcohol intake may cause longer-lasting broken blood vessels and redness on the face.

2. Injuries

Head injuries that lead to bruising may also lead to broken blood vessels. In this case, the blood vessels will often heal as the bruise does.

3. Environmental irritants

Being exposed to certain chemicals or environmental pollutants may cause harm to the skin and make blood vessels more noticeable.

4. Changes in weather

Drastic changes in the weather may affect the flow of blood in your body, making the skin on your face flush. The blood vessels may burst, leading to a spider vein.

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