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PEP: The HIV Prevention Drug Most People Don’t Know About

HIV/AIDS is a disease that is so fearful and deadly in our society today that most people see such a disease as a death wish. But that is not true, apart from preventing HIV with condoms during love. There is a way you can prevent contacting HIV with the help of these drugs. "PEP" research shows it is 99% secure, according to WebMD. 

PEP stands for (pre-exposure prophylaxis).

Let Talk More About Drugs That Can Help Prevent HIV.

Research also shows a short-term use of antiretroviral medication can reduce one's risk of HIV infection following a potentially high-risk situation.

To keep HIV from reproducing and spreading in the body, the 30-day medicine must be taken within 72 hours of exposure.

PEP was first intended to safeguard healthcare workers who are routinely exposed to HIV. Exposure at work is the word used for this.

Unprotected sexual contact with an unknown partner or rape are just two examples of non-workplace exposures that are currently being treated with this drug. Infections from syringe sharing can potentially lead to the usage of this drug.

An HIV test is performed before administering PEP to determine if a person has been exposed to HIV.

PEP can begin only if the patient's rapid diagnostic test confirms that he or she does not have HIV.

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