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Coronavirus: Power Fails Magician As He Tests Positive

As the Coronavirus pandemic keep hitting the globe hardly on daily basis, a magician from Bradford, North Yorkshire of United Kingdom, Mr Steven Frayne has been tested positive of the deadly virus

The Magician who is porpularly called Dynamo was tested positive after experience severe symptoms of the covid-19.

The Magician took to his social media page to assure his followers of over 1.2 millions that he went for the test after when he was showing symptoms of the deadly virus.

Coronavirus has done a lot of damat to the world and large part of it is Italy where over 11,000 citizens has been buried since.

Coronavirus broke out in wuhan China last year November and since, over 1milion people have been tested positive of the deadly virus with over 58,000 fatalities across the globe.

United States of America has large number of infection with over 215,000 tested Positive of the virus.

United kingdom on his own part have more than 2,000 deaths with over 20,000 infection since the virus hit Europe.

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