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Madagascar's Unproven Herbal Cure

In the public mind,the origin story of corona virus seems well fixed;In late 2019,someone in Wuhan was infected with this virus.The rest is part of an awful history still in the making with this virus spreading from that first cluster in Wuhan to a pandemic that has killed over 2million people and still counting.Prof Stephen Turner,head of microbiology department at Melbourne's Monash University says what's most likely is that the virus originated from bats."I don't think this is conclusive by any means,part of the problem is that the information is only as good as the surveillance,but this where my uncertainty ends."he says.

Researchers have embarked on a race to develop vaccines and treatments to fight this deadly virus."More than 70 countries have joined WHO's trial to accelerate research on effective treatments,"Director General Dr Tedros said.But for some days now,there has been some talk on how Madagascar has found a cure for Covid19.

Last month,The president of Madagascar and the country's institute for Applied Research launched CovidOrganics(CVO) despite the warnings by WHO that there is currently no cure;A drink derived from the artemisia plant,they claim can treat and prevent the virus.Now countries in the region are beginning to import the herbal remedy despite a lack of scientific research to back up its billing as a miracle cure for Covid19.

With Madagascar having 151 cases of confirmed patients,101 recovered patients and 0death,this remedy seems to be working out well for them

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