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Differences between loose and lose that you should know

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Many a time, people often misuse the words "lose and loose" for each other, due to the fact that they produce the same sound and also have similar spellings but, misusing this words wrongly, can make one embarrassed and also lose marks, in case one is being interviewed or during examination.

Differences between the two words...

Lose simply means to suffer loss or to be defeated by something or someone, which could be during physical fight, competition or anything.


1. I don't want to lose you.

2. Sit down there and do not stand up or else, you'll lose your seat.

3. She is trying to lose weight because, she is fat.

However, LOOSE on the other hand simply means, when something is not firm or not well tightened.


1. My shirt is loose, I need to find solution to it right now.

2. She likes wearing her hair loose.

3. The sheep had already got out of the house and were loose, when I saw them on the road.

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