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You Don't Know About The Birth and Death Of Angel Gabriel

Angels witness that the angels surround the people as they recite the Quran because they love to hear it since they don't recite this panel.

He's with the prophet salallahu alaihe wasalam and every single arch of the prophecy son ghost.

I saw he comes out he starts to pray in front of the Ava Ava Josh starts walking towards the prophet slice.

I suddenly put his hands on his face. He screams and he runs and they asked the Bulge on what happened.

He said the ditch of fire and he started saying these things like there's something between me and him when the prophet slice of Justice Allah the companions came to Mesa.

What happens is that no further. He said if he would have tried that to bring one of killing me and Tiffany would have done away with Uncle Jack.

I thought the idea of Rights us a very famous scene of the Prophet slice Allah called as she heard the Cure.

Describes a narration incident that took place between the prophet slice of them.

And Djibouti Solace is not asking Tiffany and he says, you know Allah says in the Quran we have not sent you except as a mercy to all of the worlds.

He said that any of my Mercy reach you I mean, you're part of the world you're one of near the realm of them at night.

I can't even eat honey. It's not responding. He said yeah Muhammad's will lie in Mecca I have is that I swear by Allah you are the most beloved of the profits to me.

I've never been sent to someone that I loved more than I loved. He said and it was through you that I gained security. What does he mean by that?

He said I used to wonder about my fate until Allah revealed to you and the denouncing McKee that he's established in his position with the owner before that was used to wonder what would happen to him at the end.

This whole when Allah revealed that to the prophets lie son, too, but he felt the time of the Prophet size as the prophet Slice on I'm starting to experience the end of his life. I was sorry.

This was really a lot of time between Eric's that the prophets like someone standing amongst us and also the loss of Allah Almighty he was seller were speaking and the prophets of Allah.

Hardy who a seller he simply said Allah has given a choice to one of the servants between that which is in this world and that which is with Allah.

He's not and the servant chose numbers with not the prophets. My son was completely Healthy nothing was wrong with him. So the still have assumed what that is.

Just some analogy that he's giving he's just talking about some servant may be in the past or something like that.

He was given the choice between that of this world and that of the Hereafter but I will say it says double back here broke down into tears and he said, later on, we realized that the prophet slices them was talking about himself.

What am I he was the one that was given to me and I would like it was the only one who from that incident onwards the health of the prophets like some started to deteriorate rapidly the fever got

Slowly as Mobility was reduced to the kind of come out. Let's bring Lincoln walk to the stand when he prayed it started to affect the prophet slice, Ella. I started to get inside of his home.

Everyone was crying because they knew that the prophets why sometimes time was nearing it. I saw the Elan and her then she was, you know, moving the province. I saw where he needed to be moved.

And so I knew that he wanted it so I set some also lost my son. I'm you want that toothbrush the Seal of the prophets.

I some he nodded his head and gave into her and it still wasn't used so she chewed it and she softened it and she put it in the mouth of the prophets.

Like he's just as soon as he finished using the c1 Prophets my sometimes face lit up a huge smile on his face how long he was so happy to see to believe you know.

What I think about this palette 23 years before this incident how traumatized was the profits by somebody outside of to be a day and know who Allah was or what Allah wanted this cannot be killed any Hollow and just I want the most beloved sight to the prophets.

Like and you breed I said the answer to the I'm here to give you a choice either you can choose to remain amongst your companions and live.

Well, or you can have the companionship of the highest and Anna Allah Jabari Saddam.

He said that the prophet slice of responded but I don't think a lot of the companionship of the highest. I want the companionship of the highest. I want the companionship of the highest I shall be alone.

And she says that the prophets license so left his body as he was saying I'm laughing at the highest.

The companionship of the most time his hand fell and the prophets license I've died. Now the prophet slice I'm he left this world and SubhanAllah.

Everyone will leave this world and the prophets license said even Djibouti and will die.

Can you imagine even Jabari Islam will die the prophets like some sad that after the horn is blown and the only ones that said Islam and shall rebuke the ones with your lord willed Allah subhanahu wa'ta'ala.

Will have in front of him to breathe his coffee I can and the angel of death will pass those little portions the command of Allah and Allah asks the angel of death, who remains It's and the angel of death says hola your Noble face. You're here.

I'm Duke at me your servant your protein your servant me. Can your servant is Fluffy Allah says to take the soul of mica. And because my soul is taken then he says who remains he said.

Well you may, Jeffrey and his regime Isis take the soul of his coffee and it's not his soul is taken and he says remains and he says, what do you think about your novel face?

How to get out of the swimming at worst what happened to catch a breather for the last toast and Allah.

Says, to take the soul of Japan The Province I saw such a billion would fall one his face as his wings spread out glorifying Allah subhanahu wa'ta'ala he wouldn't die intestine is face hits the ground as he makes this beautiful.

Then he says who remains at the angel that says, yeah lots just you and me and a loss of her husband and the angel of death notice and Allah subhanahu wa'ta'ala says couldn't do it.

Literally, every single person parishes whatever all which would be committed to that and only the noble base of wouldn't ask himself.

If he belongs the Dominion today, where are the oppressors were the dictators were the oppressors where those things to kill innocent people and harm people.

Where are those that stuck but one that had pride in this world and I thought that the own things and thought they were Kings and thought that they had unquestioned Authority. Where are they today?

Lost her. No, it's about us as he mounted belongs. The Dominion today Allah says to himself in La invited to Allah the one subdue Allah subhanahu wa'ta'ala. It's only him on the day of judgment the prophets.

I said I sigh that as we all come back the prophets I sent him says the Earth is flat out of the glory of obedience to Allah subhanahu wa'ta'ala and he, says each and every single person will not be able to move from the spot that they are standing in the place of assembly.

And he says the Lahaina was setting up some Lowdown wooden us and I would be called the first of people I would be the first person to be called to Allah, and he said so I would enter upon Allah subhanahu wa'ta'ala well after rusada and I would fall in prostration.

He says the model for Roxy and I would raise my head for either Jeffry and you know life and suddenly I'll see you bleed on the right side of the most merciful and you know what he says in this house needs to handle. This is what lying

I will cobbler I swear by Allah. He never saw him before that day. Jibreel has never seen a loss supplement the vision of Allah cannot be grasped on the day of judgment.

That would be the first time to be would actually be able to look at a loss of Hanukkah.

Whatever Allah, he modelled on the prophets licensed season. He points to him and he says y'all up in the how the husband Ronnie and Erica of Santa who Eli he says o my Lord this one told me that you sent him to me a afford a lot.

So Allah says you've told the truth. Why? Why do the prophets I said I choose to do that on the day of judgment? Why does he feel that inclination?

Because on the day of judgment, every messenger is being asked whether he delivered the message or not, the prophets license vouches for Gabriel before he was even asked, Allah.

He said you sent him to me. He did his job Allah says so duct. Can you talk to Janine and Jenna?

Can you be with him? Can you answer Mountain about your with the one that you love? Not only that the prophets I saw him say, well a to Jaffa my saw Jeff Hall the Alotta and hold alt rueful Janet.

On the lake and he was flying in general with the angels. You can get your pair of wings and you could fly with your prewriting cinnamon Jumba as Paulo.

One of my favourite things about talking about the degree as opposed to talking about some of the companions of the messenger.

Salallahu alaihe wasalam is that you can actually interact with your brain right now, you know, how Wrong, he says an authentic Hadith and actually an assault the alone who says a novel that has this one time the prophet Slice on all of a sudden his face was just full of joy.

So he said to tell ya, Rasul Allah. What is it? May Allah keep you happy. He said yeah, I need you breathing tube. Real just came to me to call a mile deep. Ya Muhammad and Lee.

Are you suddenly a lake and I had been on that Achilles or later.

Aren't you? Pleased o Muhammad saw when I saw them that no one says some of the law or they he was except that I sense a lot upon them 10 times. 


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