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5 Best Types of Exercise You Should do More at Old Age to Stay Fit and Strong

Staying healthy at old age comprises of eating the right food, maintaining the right habit and it also includes doing the right exercise.

Although every exercise is in one way or the other good at old age, there are still some that are needed more than others.

Many people don't know these types of exercises that are more beneficial at old age, so in this article, I am going to be talking about the 5 best Types of Exercise you should do more at old age to stay fit and strong

1. Water aerobics

This might sound like a long name to a lot of people but it is actually an easy exercise you can engage in. It has continued to become more popular for older people.

It is just like swimming but this time, you don't necessarily need to really swim, you can use protective guilds, if you think that you might drown. It is just a process whereby your legs keeps floating. Research shows that it is even more better for arthritis Patients as buoyancy of the water puts less stress on your joints.

Water brings natural resistance which eliminates the need of weight in strength training.

2. Chair Yoga

This mainly involves a person sitting down and moving his/her joints around. It helps in improving muscle strength, mobility, balance and flexibility which are all crucial aspects of the health of older people.

3. Pilates

Pilates are low impact exercises that has even become more popular over the year. It involves a few things to make it happen. It improves balance, helps you develop core strength and increases flexibility in older people.

4. Walking

This is another common exercise that could help a lot. It is quite simple and can be done by every body. All you have to do is minimize your usual of cars and cabs to transport yourself and try using your legs.

Walking helps in promoting healthy lifestyle and improves strength and fitness.

5. Body Weight Workout

This is mainly for aged people that have added weight. This exercise requires mat and certain clothes as it reduces the impact of the exercise.

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