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6 Signs Of Appendicitis You Should Never Take For Granted (Photos)

The appendix does not play a critical role and can be removed if it gets infected. Appendicitis is a common problem many people experience that can only be solved by surgery. Appendicitis occurs when the appendix gets inflamed.

Image: Mayo Clinic Health Essentials

A person who has appendicitis needs to have surgery inorder to get it removed before it burst and becomes life threatening. Just like most health problems, appendicitis shows some signs and symptoms. This means that a person that has appendicitis will be noticing some unusual signs in their body that will tell them all is not well.

However, the signs of appendicitis can be confused with other problems which can result in the actual problem not being treated.

Image: Medicalnewstoday

Here Are Six Signs That Shows You Might Have Appendicitis

1. Pain And Discomforting In Parts Of The Abdomen: one of the common signs of appendicitis is, pain and discomfort in parts of the abdomen. When a person has appendicitis, they usually feel discomfort in the upper part of their abdomen or, in the areas surrounding their belly button.

The appendix is located in the right side of the abdomen which causes a person with appendicitis to feel pain or ache on the bottom right side of their abdomen.

Image; Istock Photos

2. Diarrhea And Constipation: diarrhea and constipation are like opposites but put them together because, they both have to do with bowel movements. Diarrhea occurs when a person is passing out too much stool which is usually liquid.

While, constipation occurs when a person finds it very difficult, discomforting and sometimes painful to stool. People who experience this for no reason might be suffering from appendicitis.

Image: Medicalnewstoday

3. Swelling In The Abdomen: appendicitis occurs as result of the Inflammation of the appendix.

Inflammation means, swelling. So, one of the signs that indicates that a person has appendicitis, is a swollen abdomen.

Image; Healthline

4. Appetite Problems: your appetite is your desire to eat. Appendicitis tempers with people's appetite by reducing their appetite or, making them lose appetite all together.

If you start noticing that your appetite for food or drinks has reduced for no reason it might be a sign of appendicitis. 

Image: NovoCom

5. Nausea And Vomiting: nausea is the urge to vomit while vomiting is the process of ejecting undigested foods from the stomach through the mouth.

Vomiting in this case is an involuntary process. Nausea and vomiting usually go hand in hand and are two sign of appendicitis.

Image: gutCare

6. Stomach Ache: it is common for people who have appendicitis to suffer from stomach aches.

People who have appendicitis might also start feeling sick.

Image: Medicalnewstoday

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