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7 Bad Habits That Are Actually Signs You Might Be A Genius!

You don't have to be the best student in your class or the most talented individual in your group to be a genius!

You might have a special skill which sets you apart from everyone else.

And according to Oxford dictionary, 'a genius' is someone who is exceptionally intelligent or someone with exceptional skill in a particular area or activity.

And in case you don't know, Bill Gates, who is the richest man in the world dropped out of school, and Albert Einstein who loved school wasn't good in maths!

And don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that school isn't important, infact, school is highly important and helps in contributing to our growth as human beings in the modern society.

All I'm saying is that you shouldn't be hard on yourself if you're not 'book smart' because you might actually be good at other things, and the concept of 'intelligence' is broad.

Now, there are things that we do that can be considered 'bad habits', because they do not necessarily obey the rules of what is considered 'normal'.

But studies have revealed that some of these 'bad habits' are actually signs you're smarter than you think, and possess 'genius tendencies', and shouldn't be causes for alarm.

So, let's quickly talk about '5 Bad Habits That Are Actually Signs You Might Be A Genius'!

1. You Stay Up Late!

So many studies revealed that if you tend to go to bed late, you might have a high IQ or higher intelligence.

And even if you have something to do early the next morning, it's quite easy for you to stay up late at night.

The fact that you have higher intelligence makes it hard to fall asleep on time because your mind is often occupied with varying thoughts about life.

Now, constantly staying up late might not be good for your health, but it's important to note that you're not a 'night owl' because you have a mental disorder or anything, but simply because you might be a genius!

2. You Are Lazy And Often Procrastinate!

Now, don't get me wrong, always being lazy or procrastinating is not ideal because you might miss certain opportunities or get a sack letter from your boss (and we don't want that).

But studies have revealed that people who are considered lazy, or tend to always procrastinate, are often innovative and intelligent.

And it makes sense because lazy people do not like too many jobs, so they like to make things easier and faster for them, thereby coming up with 'genius ideas'.

And this also applies when people procrastinate, because even though people feel you're avoiding your responsibilities, what your brain is actually doing is looking for easier and faster solutions for that particular problem.

So, it's more like saving your energy to accomplish bigger and better things.

And if you think about it, people who came up with the ideas of 'washing machines', 'dish washers', 'electric blenders', 'robots' and even 'cars' were probably lazy people!.. just kidding.

3. You Often Daydream!

Allowing your mind to wander wherever it wants even if you're studying or working is a sign you have higher intelligence!

Normal people focus on what they're doing at a particular time but a genius have the ability to think about other activities or ideas while working.

And having the ability to allow your mind to think about other things is ideal, especially if you have a job that requires a lot of creativity, and this would boost your creative mind.

So, when next your mind wanders off while you're supposed to be focusing on a particular work or while having a conversation with someone, don't worry, your mind is probably hatching up a genius idea!

4. You Always Bite Your Nails!

Okay, this is a very significant habit that is associated with anxiety and nervousness, but that is not entirely the case.

According to researchers that followed 1000 kids starting when they were 5 years old, they found out that kids who continued biting their nails till they were 32 years have higher intelligence.

They also found out that people who bite their nails are less likely to develop allergies.

And because nail biting is associated with anxiety, people who do it tend to relieve stress, tension and boredom, while keeping their mind occupied with creative and genius ideas!

5. You Often Talk To Yourself!

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about 'crazy-talking', but the ability to have a good conversation with yourself.

Studies have found out that talking to oneself can be a sign of high IQ because you will be able to actually advice or scrutinize yourself.

Also, when you talk to yourself before carrying out a plan or project, you'll be able to rehearse, make positive changes or criticisms, and actually understand what you're going into.

And honestly, who is a better adviser than oneself?!

6. You're Often Messy/Scattered

I know there are often negativity associated with being messy, and you might feel you're a terrible person because you can't get your act together at home or in your workplace, but you shouldn't be too hard on yourself.

According to a study conducted by the University of Minnesota, 'people who are constantly surrounded by mess or clutters tend to have clearer goals', and prefer reaching their goals instead of worrying about a clean space that will eventually get messy once again.

So, in other words, messy people know how to prioritize what's important and focusing on them. So, arranging things is the least of their problems!

7. You Always Complain About Being Misunderstood!

If you often feel no one truly understands you or your point of view, it's probably because you're a genius!

Because of your high intelligence level, you have a unique perspective of life, and your way of thinking is quite complex.

And when you think and communicate in a complex way, 'normal' people will find it difficult to understand your point of view, and having a regular conversation with them will become difficult.

This is why some geniuses are often quiet and always keeping to themselves.

But the good news is, because of your high intelligence, you'll be able to attract like-minds and when you unite, you'll become an undisputed force and do great things!

These are some common 'bad' habits associated with higher intelligence.

And I'm not in any way encouraging bad habits, but only letting you know that if you have some of these habits and have been finding it impossible to stop them, it might simply be because of your higher intelligence or genius tendencies, and not because you're a terrible person!

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