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6 Things You Should Do When Eating Peppery Or Spicy Foods Inorder To Stop Mouth Burning.

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Capsaicin, a chemical present in chili, is frequently blamed for the burning sensation in the mouth after eating spicy foods. The burning sensation will not be relieved by drinking water. Beer and soda, which are largely water, may not work as well. However, In this article, I will be listing out the effective strategies to relieve the burning sensation caused by peppery or spicy foods:

1. Drink Yogurt.

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High in probiotics, yoghurt can help boost the number of healthy bacteria in your gut and improve digestion. As a result, the risk of inflammation or even cancer is reduced.

2 . Drink Milk. 

 Just as soap dissolves oil particles while cleaning dishes, milk will dissolve and eliminate capsaicin from the reactive area.

3. Eat Rice or Bread.

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Rice or bread will not breakdown capsaicin like fats, oils, but they will absorb the molecules and relieve the burning sensation.

4. Alcohol.

Capsaicin dissolves in alcohol as well. As a result, a few swallows of vodka may be able to alleviate the sting of fiery chili peppers.

5. Sugar Or Honey.

Put a tablespoon of sugar in your mouth: Sugar absorbs the spicy oil and reduces the intensity of the chili. Honey might also help you get rid of the spiciness on your tongue.

6. Citric fruits.

Citrus fruits contain a substance called citric acid. By breaking down the capsaicinoids that sting your tongue, citric acid can assist to alleviate a spicy mouth. lime, lemon, and pineapple are examples of citrus fruits.


Make sure you don't drink cold water right away because it will put out the digestive fire and slow down your digestion, leading to a variety of health concerns. So you don't have to give up spicy meals totally; when next your mouth burns, try these mouth-burn-relieving methods.


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Drink Yogurt


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