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Reason Why Ladies Release A Yellow-Green Discharge From Their Genital And The Causes

According to Healthline, genital discharge is the fluid that comes naturally from your genitals.

Usually, you don't have to worry about the discharge.

However, it is best to see a doctor if the discharge turns gray or green, or if you have bloody discharge that occurs outside of your menstrual period.

Let's face it, many of you have had that moment when in the bathroom, you pulled down your pants, saw a different color than usual, and asked, Is that normal?

This is often followed by questions like, Is it that the time of my period? Or What did I eat this week? And even How was the appointment last night?

Many of these colors are common and not a sign of illness. But even if you know you're in the clear, what do these colors mean?

In this article, you will look at the reasons why you have yellow-green discharge from your genital area.

Read on and discover new knowledge. Pale yellow to neon green Very light yellow discharge is more common than you might think.

Sometimes the color is daffodil yellow. Sometimes it's more of a more eco-friendly chartreuse.

The reasons for the yellow-green discharge are,

Diet or taking supplements: This color is usually a sign of an infection, but if you know you're probably aware (since it's a one-off event), your diet could be affecting the color.

Some people report that this color change occurs whenever they take new vitamins or try certain foods.

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