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Meet Jon Browser Minnoch, The World Fattest Man Who Died Of Edema

Good Afternoon Beautiful People

Today have brought to you guys something you've always been wanting to see on this platform

Jon Brower Minnoch, The world fattest man is from Washington in the United States. He is about 1.85 m tall and weigh 1,400 ib (635 kilograms; 100 stone)

He was born on the 29th of September 1941 in Bainbridge island, Washington, US.

His wife, Jeannette who gave birth to 2 children for Jon Browser Minnoch before his death

At the age of 12, Jon Browser Minnoch weighed 294 ib and at the age of 22 he weighed 500 ib.

At the age of 36, he was hospitalized due to cardiac and respiratory failure in March 1978 after some while, he was diagnosed with massive generalized edema, a condition in which the body accumulates more extracellular fluid.

He died due to swelling (Edema) on 10th of September 1983.

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