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What To Know About White Sticky Discharge From The Vagina

According to Healthline, In between ovulation cycles, your body will create vaginal fluid that is viscous and clingy. This mucus will block the opening between your cervix and uterus, preventing fertilization.

The body's natural defenses aren't infallible, but they do a good job of keeping bacteria and pathogens out of the cervix.

In the days following your period, when your vagina produces less fluid than at other times in your cycle, this can help you prevent getting an infection.

The increased fluid washes away any bacteria or germs that may threaten the vaginal health and equilibrium.


As a lady it is good that your body produces this sticky white discharge due to it's benefits and also you need not to worried because it is normal for a woman to produce a thick, sticky discharge.

Always remember that your health is your wealth.

Stay tunned for more information on health and fitness.

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