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Causes of brain damage and warning signs that should never be ignored.

Brain damage occurs when you sustain an injury and this damage could affect your brain cells, thereby deteriorating your brain function. Brain damage could occur as a result of stroke, tumor, trauma and other illnesses. When you have brain damage, you will find it difficult to carry out your daily activities.

We have two types of brain injuries.

1. Traumatic brain injury (TBI)

This occurs when your head is hitten by an external force, that is when you get a knock or blow on your head. When this happens your skul will be damage thereby causing further damage to your brain.

2. Acquired Brain Injury (ABI)

This is a type of brain injury that is caused by pressure on your brain. Tumor, neurological illness and stroke could cause brain injury or damage.

There are different things that can cause brain damage to occur.

1. Vehicle Accidents.

2. Sports injuries.

3. Blows to the head.

4. Falls

5. Physical violence.

6. Heart attacks.

7. Stroke

8. Tumor

9. Neurological illnesses

10. Infection

11. Heart attacks

12. Poisoning or exposure to toxic substances.

There are warning symptoms you will notice when you have a damaged brain. These symptoms occurs because your brain cannot perform its normal duties.

Below are the symptoms.

You will find it difficult to process information and express your thoughts

Difficulty understanding others

Shortened attention span

Memory loss

Change in vision, hearing, or sense of touch

Inability to sense time

Persistent headaches

Weakness and paralysis

Tremors and seizures

Sleep disorders that is trouble sleeping

Slurred speech

Loss of consciousness.


When you notice these signs, try never to ignore them. Visit your doctor for further examination and guidance.

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