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40 statements of wisdom

Statements of Wisdom

1. The starter may not be the ender

2. Sugarcane is different from other canes due to its sweetness

3. Snail does not work fast yet it reaches it’s destination

4. Frog and toad are brothers but they are not the same

5. Sun and firs are related

6. Flashing without thunder is a mere joke

7. Fire cannot quench fire and water cannot make hot water

8. The hand washed the mortar and mortar in turn washes the hand (pari-passu)

9. Trading without gain is waste of energy and Money

10. Preaching without converting or marking impact in the lives of the listeners is a mere noise making from the pulpit.

11. Vision without knowledge is harmful 

12. Wisdom is the application of knowledge

13. The way the white ants make their shelter is a mystery

14. Little insects make their movement by instinct

15. Talking too much can disorganize a Speaker

16. When you are enjoying, remember the sufferer

17. Marriage without love is a battlefield

18. Improper preparation is improper plan and it results to improper success

19. A journey of 50 kilometers begins with a step

20. Don’t muzzle the mouth of a grazing donkey

21. Eat and I eat is the best human principle

22. Selfishness is a step to poverty as liberality is a key to prosperity

23. Giving is not how much you have, but how much you love

24. Jealousy is a spiritual killer disease

25. Music without rhythm is mad man’s play

26. Take a look of another person; you’ll know you’re great

27. Why do you worry, when you can pray

28. God is never late in his plans

29. Lizard is worthy for nothing, but it’s found in the kings palace

30. When you are eating, remember the widows and orphans are watching your mouth

31. The devil is not afraid to tempt you, whoever you are

32. Patience plus endurance equals to lasting success (P+E=S)

33. When the going is not going, move the going with the power of Prayer

34. Don’t make sickness a tenant in your body

35. Pepper is hot, yet important in a soul; so is a woman to man

36. The world is full of sweet and bitter

37. After years comes laughter

38. Kolanut and pounded yam are valued much by elders

39. Education begins at home

40. Don’t only pass through education, let education pass through you.

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