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Waist Trainer Little tell

There is no gainsay as to the increase use of waist training and its rise in demand, especially with celebs flaunting and swearing by it.

But what is waist training, and does it work one may ask? waist training uses clincher [a belt worn around the waist to make the wearer's waist physically small or Create the illusion of being smaller] to reduce your natural waist size and accentuate your curves. Does it work or create problems for you?

So a small dig will help us to find out.

Brief History Of Waist Training: it was introduced by the wife of king henry II of France,Catherine de 'medici in 16th century. She banned thick and unsightly waist at court,forcing women to find sliming solution.. Oops.women started wearing stays[a waist support or prop up].During the 19th century, these developed into fully blown waist training. In recent times,celebrities have made it famous and it is now gathering pace with women looking for natural solutions to an hourglass figure.

Prons of waist training:

1.Achieving the coveted "hourglass figure":

Waist training helps achieve an hourglass shape[a shape thought to be the most proportioned and flattering a woman can have]by clinching the waist and accentuating the curves of hips and bust line.

2.Weight control:

The thing to note about waist trainers is that they cannot aid you in weight loss on their own as popularly known.the only restrict the amount of food you eat.waist trainer do not cause you to lose fat in the midsection permanently, rather they cause redistribution of the fats and organs in the trunk to give the much craved hourglass shape [oops is it what you want?]

3.improves posture and confidence:

This is because the metal bones in the waist trainers makes it impossible to slouch[ stand,move or sit in a lazy way].they improve position by providing the necessary support to the back.

Furthermore there are wide suggestions that it all support s bust line especially women with large breast,thereby reducing back pain pressure.

The cones of waist training:

Numerous experts criticize the use of waist trainers and think they cause more harm than good.thus the Con's are

1.feeling discomfort

2.Acid reflux:when you use waist trainers to reduce your waist size,it puts extreme pressure on abdominal organ thus causing acid regurgitation.

3.muscle atrophy and weakness: long term wear can cause muscle weakness and this may lead to muscle atrophy.there are other disadvantages like

Breathing troubles

Decreased core strength

Bones reshape.

So do waist trainers work?

No proven clinical research supports waist trainers helping you reduce your waist size .there is however quite a lot of testimony from celebrities .overall a balanced diet and regular exercise routines that target waist size move naturally is the best way to achieve a smaller waist and figure.

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Remember Health is wealth..Dr Sam.okoh

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