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8 Fast Ways you can lose Weight

There are many recommended ways that can help one weight loss and there are so many health benefits to them such as walking.

Walking can help to reduce the risk of stroke, or heart disease, can help lower blood pressure and also cholesterol levels also, walking also helps to improve the efficiency of the lungs and the heart also. 

Walking helps also to combat depression and anxiety and research have reported that walking at much as 8 miles a week can also help to sake off Alzheimer's disease.

Below are some 8 ways to help boost your walking exercise and burn some calories without much effort:

1) Skip hill: 

Many people always assume that the bigger and higher the inclines, the better they are for burning fats but it's actually better to maintain a moderate hill with a moderate speed than to always get slowed on a steeper one.

2) Try Using your arms:

Most people funny as it may sound walk with a straight or a not bent hand but it is majorly advisable you vigorously pump your bent arms as this will make you go faster and also burn more calories.

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Realistic goals:

Set a goal when you are exercising, like choosing markers of where to stop and trying to speed up until you get to them.

4) Try to wipe the pavement:

This particular one will make and get your hamstring, calf, and glute muscles to be involved. You do this by pushing off your feet as if wiping gum off your sole.

5) Go for A comfortable Shoe:

Always, go for a shoe with minimum cushioning, and with maximum, this will help you get the best from your push-off.

6) Make Sure you Stand Straight:

Always make sure you stand straight, keeping your ears and shoulders aligned over your hips. If your body is aligned, it will make your butt and back muscles work more powerfully and this will make you walk faster and burn the calories

7) Wear A heart-rate monitor:

This is just like having your own coach helping to keep you at an optimal pace. This will give you a push if you are slowing down and help you see up if you are doing so much

8) Add Power and strength:

You can also add simple moves like lunges and push-ups as this will help the muscles to get more involved. It's advisable that you do any of these moves five minutes during your walk as it will also help your metabolism too.

Content created and supplied by: DrGeraldine (via Opera News )


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