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Do You Love Watermelon? You Need To Read This Message For Your Safety.

Having known watermelon as a fruit most people love eating, it is very important that I address these reoccurring and unacceptable practices for our safety. Most people ignore these unacceptable habits which are commonly seen almost everywhere watermelons are displayed for sales.

Some people don't fully pay attention to this because of ignorance and lack of information, and in the long run, suffer from sickness and illnesses that could have been avoided. 

This harmful practice is notably on the side of hawkers and vendors of watermelons. It's really appalling seeing vendors and hawkers caring less about people's well-being, all in the name of selling their wares. These days, you hardly see a seller of fruits, most especially watermelons, keeping a neat and healthy environment. Most of which, after slicing watermelons no longer cover them with transparent nylons but rather, expose these fruits to the harmful infestation of flies and bugs. 

You may not know this, buying watermelons from sellers who are carefree and less concerned about the hygiene and safety of what they sell, especially fruits that are commonly consumed by people, such as watermelon, posses serious health issues to anyone who buys it. 

Having said this, both the buyers and sellers of watermelons should give attention to this information, this is because when flies are allowed to settle on the surface of sliced watermelons, they lay their eggs in the fresh flesh of these fruits. The fruit fly maggots which feed inside the fruit results in distortion and cracks. These cracks are an entry point for fungi and bacteria causing fruit rot and sicknesses in people.

I hope this article has been informative? Please kindly share this message to educate others.

Photos Credit: Google Photos.

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Do You Love Watermelon


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