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Reasons why shame occurs in our daily lives

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Firstly let's start the the meaning of shame ? Shame is an unpleasant and painful self conscious emotion typically associated with a negative thoughts of the self or as a result of sense of failure to attain some ideal state.

In other to be able to conquer shame on our day to day lives, we need to know what is the cause or the reasons that brings shame to us.

Below are some reasons why why feel ashamed of our self


Individuals with low self esteem mostly feels ashamed. Self esteem is used to describe an individual overall sense of self worth or personal value.

Low self esteem evolved as a result of encompasses negative beliefs about yourself, cause by anxiety, depression, stress and abuse.

In other to conquer shame, our self esteem need to be high by encompasses of positive beliefs about ourselves.


We feel shame because the focus of our evaluation is on the self or Identity. Shame is the judgement of the self when ever things goes wrong.

We feel ashamed when ever we feels that our entire self is worthless, powerless and small in that case we are exposed to the audience, real or imagined that exits only for the purpose to confirm that the self is worthless, powerless and small.

NOTE : In other to conquer shame, we don't need to be focus on on our evaluation as a human.


It's is the distinguishing characteristics that are embodiment of an individual. They are your habits temperament and emotions.

You need to know about your trait as an individual to get a higher hit by developing a positive trait for yourself.

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