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Six Important Things You Should Be Doing If You Have Hiv.

some important things to know about Hiv if you are the victim.

Hiv has been the widest virus all over the world, which can be spread by coming in contact with the victim. People with the virus sometines they really play with virus because all they think HIV is not real. Today I want to tell you that HIV is real and can kill at thesame time. Some people will go to hospital for the test, where by some will tested positive while some negative if you are tested positive please take your drugs don't allow anybody to deceive you by not talking your drugs.

Some people losts their lives in these way of not taking drugs which is not good at all. Because those drugs are like your white blood cell which are help in fighting those virus, sometimes if your hiv is not too chronic it will be healed with the aid of the drugs.

Some important things you should be doing are;

1. Go out for exercise

2. Eat good balance diet

3. Take your drugs as instructed by the doctor

4. Drink clean water

5. Bath all the time

6. Settle down and avoid been spread.thanks for reading please comment share and like for others people benefits.

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