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5 Foods That Will Help You Control Your Blood Sugar

Modern lifestyle and urbanisation has drastically increased cases of diabetes today. Processed foods with added sugar has become an essential aspect of the diet of many people leading to increased cases of diabetes.

However, if you have diabetes or you are trying to control your blood sugar, these 4 foods can help you to reduce your blood sugar.

1. Pumpkin

Pumpkin meal is a very good food for people living with diàbetes. It is easy to prepare as follows: Make a sauce with enough onions, pepper and (utazi). Boil your pumpkin, remove the seeds inside it, collect the yellow food in the pumpkin and mix with your sauce. You may add plantain to it if you like . This food is very healthy for people who wants to reduce their blood sugar.

2. Plantation and beans

Most people are aware of this two staple foods which has long been associated with diabetes patients. Plantain pepper soup coocked with utazi or scent leaves is very healthy for diabetes patients. Utazi is a known bitter leaf among the Igbos. I don't know it's name in other Nigerian dialects. It is very healthy for lowering blood sugar.

3.Wheatmeal or millet

Many diabetes patients practically prefer millet (dawa) to ordinary wheat due to it's low sugar, and high fiber content. This food is very good for people who wants to lower their blood sugar.

4. Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables helps a lot in boosting a person's immunity. But care must be taken in choice of fruits, because of the sugar content in some of these fruits. The glycemic index should guide you in the choice of fruits, if you are battling with blood sugar problems. It is necessary to concentrate more on vegetables than fruits if you have diabetes because many fruits contains sugar and may increase the amount calories you consume.

5. Avocados and Nuts

Avocados contains unsaturated fats, many nuts also contain the same. Eating food rich in these means more soluble fibre in your diet. Soluble fibre will help you to feel full most of the time , and in this way help you to reduce or control your blood sugar.

Content created and supplied by: EnyinnaChidi (via Opera News )



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