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Major Causes Of Early Period Every Woman Should Know

Menstruation is something that must happen in every woman's life, because it is a part of them. But, most people tend to see their periods earlier than usual, which sometimes make them scare.

However, there is nothing to be scared of, because there are certain things that can lead to early, irregular or late menstruation. In this article, we are going to briefly discuss about menstruation, according to Healthline.

Here Are Some Major Causes Of Early Period

* Intense Exercise: Intense exercise can cause irregular periods or cause your period to stop altogether.

Exercise only disturbs your period when you burn way more calories than you eat. Without adequate energy, your body doesn't produce the ideal amount of reproductive hormones it needs to ovulate.

* Weight Fluctuation: Early, irregular, or missed periods are often linked with major weight changes. Period irregularity often occur with rapid weight loss.

This may happen with rapid dieting, gastric bypass surgery or eating disorder. When you starve your body for too long, it reserves it's energy for essential life function just like breathing. Your body will stop producing reproductive hormones, which can lead to period irregularities.

* Stress: There are several stress can disrupt your hormone level, which leads to irregular periods. If you experience anxiety or have recently been through a traumatic event, this can lead to unusual periods. Stress can also cause: unexplained weight gain or loss, difficulty sleeping, difficulty concentrating.

* Premenopause: Premenopause can be defined as the transition into menopause. It starts in your mid to late forties and lasts about four years.

Your hormone level fluctuates wildly during this period, and you may not ovulate every month. This can lead to irregular periods, which means you may menstruate sooner or later than you usually do.

* Change In Normal Routine:

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