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Don't do this it can kill you.

There was a boy named Ade. One faithful day Ade went to the gym with his friends, so one of his friends carried a heavy weight and was showing other friends saying "who can do this" he carried the weight across his chest and even at his back reaching his neck region.

Other friends tried their turn and got it, on getting to Ade's turn he carried it across his chest and on reaching the back of his neck region, the weight slipped from his hands and pounced on his neck, within seconds Ade was a dead man.

The topic I will be talking on is "the cervical fracture that is cased by lifting a weight across the back of your neck".

Wikipedia said that "cervical fracture, commonly called broken neck, is a fracture of any of the seven cervical vertebrae in the neck", examples of common causes in human are

1)diving into shallow water,

2) traffic collusion

3) lifting of weight across the back neck region.

This may result to spinal cord injury, paralysis or usually death. Be warned.

Weight lifting is good but when we do it we should do it with care and caution, weight lifting helps to build your muscles and make boys look more mature, and handsome. Remember that anything that has advantage has disadvantage be careful....

stay safe and avoid the spread of Corona virus. Thanks for your time.

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