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Online Doctor, Using an Image Explained How a Woman Cervix Expands During Child Birth (Photos)

Childbirth might be painful, but the joy of motherhood and dividends of marriage is seeing one give birth to her own baby, the experience alone is golden and worth thanking God for, which simply means one is complete as a woman. According to statistics nearly half of first-time mothers (46 percent) said the pain they experienced with their first child was better than they expected.

It is important to note that giving birth is the joy of marriage, reasons why most women who finds it hard to have the food the womb are not always happy and will do anything humanly possible to have their own kids, reason why some acquire the services of a surrogate mother, Some adopts, some use the means of artificial insemination and so on and so forth.

A popular online doctor on Twitter with the username Aproko doctor, who's known for giving out medical tips, and information on anything that has to do with health, gave a vital information on women birthing a child, he explained constructively with the aid of an image, how a woman cervix can extend and expand when about to give birth.

He said the woman cervix can stretch to at least 10cm to be able to give room for the baby's head to come out. With this illustration and image below, women need to be respected and be adored.

See images below.

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