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Parents! Act fast when you see these symptoms in your child.

Parent needs to pay more attention to their child especially when the child is till a baby of little age.This is because the child cannot identify or explain what he passing through to the parent. The parent needs to act fast when notice the following symptoms in their child.

Baby looks Sicky: If a baby of less than month looks sick i.e vomiting, coughing or poor feeding. Quick attention should be taken because at that age,the symptoms are serious and infections can progress quickly.

Stiffness of neck: You can test the stiffness of neck of your child by laying d child down, then lift his head until the chin touches the middle of the chest.You can also place a toy on the belly so the baby will have to look down to see it.

Uncontrollable cry: constant crying of a baby is due to severe pain in the baby's body until otherwise proved.This can caused the baby to groan or whimper.

Unable to walk: If your child learned to walk and then loses the ability to balance or walk,it may be because of injury to the legs or if he walks bent over,it may be as a result of serious problem like appendicitis. you hold his or her bell.

chronic diseases: If your child has a chronic disease, be sure to find out what those complications are and how to recognize them .This is because most chronic diseases can have some complications.When these diseases are at high risk can weaken the immune system of the child. Therefore, always let the nurse or doctor know who doesn't normally see your child about the disease.

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