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Once Nigerians Can Do This, The Virus Will Stop - [My View]

Everyone, will agree with me now that the pandemic has affected the economy of the country through its budget. And has equally made federal government re-adjust most policies.

It Is over months the pandemic struck the country through a man who came in from Italy, now everyone is questioned and worried because there is no cure for it yet. Although federal government is working hard to make sure everything get back to normal.

My kind advice is please let all the citizen of Nigeria stick to the guidelines of World health Organization and that of Nigeria centre for Dieases control. Which are as follows.

1. Observing social distancing

2. Wearing of nose mask and face shield

3. Coughing or sneezing into the elbows

4. Call the Nigeria centre for Dieases control mobile number if you suspect any health challenges like constant coughing, dryness of the throat and constant fever.

5. Always Isolate yourself for 2 weeks, when you travel or come in from outside.

6. Using of alcohol based sanitizer.

If all the guidelines are well managed and practice by Nigerian citizens, definitely the virus will reduce and federal government will be left to face other responsibilities, knowing fully well that nigerians are working hand in glove with them to stop the virus permanently.

I believe this article has made us understand that we need to fight this pandemic together.

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