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Hours After He Said He Needed Money Like Mad, Check Out The Sad Thing That Happened to Tunde

It's quite important that we maintain our mental health. The rate at which people are committing suicide is alarming right now. Take a look at the top of your trend table in twitter, you'll notice the name Tunde is trending. Unfortunately, it's not trending for the right reason. It's just another man who has been frustrated by life and decided to take his life according to what was read on the trend.

A day ago, Tunde took to his twitter page to announce that he really needed money. Sadly, no one really took him serious or paid attention to him. He was just there left alone to deal with wherever problem he must have been facing. It however saddens me to tell you that less than twenty four hours after his tweet, Tunde has reportedly commited suicide and he's no more.

It continues to beg the question of how much help men get in our society. Mental health should be protected at all cost. The society needs to reorientate men and let them know they are allowed to be weak and needy too. The society must also start to pay attention to the needs of men rather than assume that men will always fend for themselves. It's killing men and many will snap out when they can't take it anymore.

May his soul continue to rest in peace. Say a prayer for Tunde.

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