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Four habit that secretly damage the kidney.

In recent time research shows that people tend to develop one kidney problem or the other, some of these problems are genetic, hereditary, and most are ignorantly caused by personal habit.

Kidney is a very vital organs in the body which situated in the abdominal cavity, it responsible for the regulation, filtration and secretion of certain hormones in the body. It is a two bean shaped organs and each one can work independently if one is damage or weak.

Many people with damage kidney feels so much discomfort ranging from flank pain, reduced urine, swollen feet etc.

With these great functions of the kidney it should be treated as a delicate but important organ in the body, too many people seems not to care about these fact and indulge in some under listed habit which causes harm to the kidney and may eventually damage them. Those habit are;

A. Sitting for too long.

Some occupation can be very demanding and requires employee to sit for longer hour, and this tend to affect circulation thereby reducing flow of blood to the kidney and causes the kidney to work hard with less nutrient for itself. Regular ambulation does not only reflect on the muscular tissues, but it also improves blood circulation to all vital organs of the body.

B. Abusive use of strong alcohol.

Taking excessive alcohol has a negative effect on the functionality of the kidney and it is a major cause of acute kidney failure. To have optimum functionality of the kidney someone needs to do away with alcohol totally or reduces its intake reasonably.

C. Dehydration.

Dehydration reduces the amount of blood in circulation and also make the blood content more concentrated thereby making filtration difficulty for kidney and also making urine formation more difficult.

It is advisable to take a lot of water about 1.5litres above a day, it is not necessary you take it at once it can be taken at interval of at 20-30minutes.

D. Excessive sugar intake.

Taking too much sugar or having high blood sugar would make the kidney to filter more blood than it should in an attempt to get rid of the excess sugar therefore, making the nephron lose its vitality over time thereby reducing its filtration capability.

These aforementioned things secretly have a negative effects on the kidney and can make it stop working to it optimum capacity suddenly.

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