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5 Tips On How To Be Free Form Masturbation

Habits can be good sometimes. Imagine having a girlfriend who has a habit of doing your laundry every weekend, or a girlfriend who has a habit of preparing you mouth watering meals, sweet right? But that won't be the case if the said habit is one that can case any harm to the body system or to others (mentally or physically).

Even though masturbating is said to have health benefits like easing stress and calming the nerves, it could also cause a series of health issues like premature ejaculation, especially when it becomes a habit. What's more, masturbation can be a very tough habit to lose. But here are 5 tips that would guide you through getting free of masturbation.

1. Stop Watching Adult Rated Movies

It's only common to have the urge to masturbate while watching adult rated movies, so if that urge comes whenever you watch an adult rated movie, then, perhaps it’s time to stop watching. The major trouble with watching adult rated movies is that it stimulates the pleasure pathway as one relishes in a mixture of fantasy and a naturally occurring euphoria. What's more, masturbating might be an issue in your relationship, especially if your partner considers it as cheating.

2. Meditate

Meditation is an extremely powerful activity that has enormous benefits. It's ability to nurture the body, mind and spirit pathway is impeccable. Also, it can be very helpful with abstaining from masturbation. Focusing on something positive such as a happy thought or mantra while taking intentionally deep breaths can redirect thought of masturbating. Urges are very likely to subside if you meditate. And once they do, it becomes reasonably easier to focus on another thing.

3. Look Toward Religion

Every religion has it's thought and views on masturbation. Some considered it appropriate, some frown at it, while others strictly forbid it. If your religion frowns at it, or forbids it, then looking at masturbating from a religious point of view may be helpful. This could be done alone. But it's usually more effective if there's support from others, or perhaps seeking the counsel of a trusted religious leader. If you are having trouble disclosing the problem with a religious leader because of shame, then try speaking with a mental health professional.

4. Limit Your Alone Time

Even though masturbating is an activity that can be done privately in groups or pairs, it is oftentimes done in isolation. The more alone time you spend with yourself, the more chances you would have to masturbate. Limiting time spent alone limits the chances of masturbating.

5. Talk To Your Partner About It

And lastly, speaking openly about a problem of masturbation with your partner can help. A loving partner who wishes to help will provide emotional support and help track your progress. The only problem is that this rarely happens. Nobody is ever really comfortable talking about these things.

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