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2 Natural Tips To Help Balance Hormones In Women

Essentially, hormones are the chemical messenger that travels throughout our bloodstream and delivers different messages to different cells and organs. They play so many vital roles in the body, from reproductive functions to sleep, stress, moods, etc. They perform a lot of important roles. What may cause a hormone to be unbalanced in the first place?, How do we even balance them?.

Below are 2 tips to help balance hormones naturally.

Sleep and stress-these two often go hand in hand. It is so critical that we get enough sleep, enough proper, uninterrupted sleep, and more importantly, it is vital for our well-being that we can manage our stress. Ideally, cortisol, which happens to be one of the stress hormones that are secreted from our adrenal gland, is meant to be at its lowest at midnight, but the result of staying up late, not getting enough sleep and rest, insomnia, or chronic stress won't let it happen, and this can throw the hormone off balance. This is why it is good to have a routine and get sufficient sleep. You should also practice relaxation to help manage stress.

Avoid environmental toxins. It is good for you to avoid environmental toxins. This is important for the health of your hormones because a lot of products out there that we use regularly or that we are exposed to contain what is known a, which is essentially a man-made chemical that mimics or acts like natural estrogens in the body, and this can lead to different kinds of health issues or estrogen dominance.

Some of the ways to avoid these toxins are by using glass food storage containers, water bottles instead of plastic, and using cleaner beauty products.

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