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6 Common Signs That Show You Are Healthy

Sometimes we worry too much about our health to the extent that we forget what it feels like to be healthy. Good health is what everybody is praying for because there's no feeling like it. A healthy person is strong, happy, and active. This is why we are being advised to maintain a healthy lifestyle because it goes a long way to ensure that we remain healthy and disease-free. In this article, I will be showing you some common signs that indicates a person is in perfect health condition.

1. Clear skin.

The skin of a healthy person is usually smooth and spotless. Although having a clear skin does not exactly mean that you're healthy, but to some extent, a healthy skin tend to appear fresh, clear, and free from discoloring. Being the biggest organ in the body means that symptoms of most illnesses tend to appear on the skin first.

2. Flexibility.

Sick people usually struggle to move some parts of their body. They find it difficult to run, jump or walk. However, a healthy person is very flexible and active.

3. Rhythmic breathing.

Our breathing pace could actually reveal a lot of things about our health because it determines the amount of oxygen we inhale. Breathing should be rhythmic and steady, which means that it shouldn't be too quick or too slow. If your breathing is normal, then it's a major sign that you're healthy.

4. Healthy weight.

A healthy person is neither too fat nor too skinny. He/she has a perfect weight which corresponds to his/her size. Being too fat puts one at risk of obesity and diabetes, while being too skinny is a major indication of malnutrition and underweight. Therefore, a healthy person should have a normal body weight.

5. Clear eyes.

Sometimes the eyes tend to communicate to us about our health. For example, red eye may be a symptom of fatigue or eye infections. Healthy people usually possess clear eyes which are free from irritations, swelling, dilation or redness.

6. Social behavior.

Healthy people are social in nature. They love to meet new people and travel to new places, unlike the unhealthy ones. Illnesses such as stress and anxiety could make a person to prefer being alone. One common characteristic of a healthy person is feeling of happiness when around other people.

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