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Opinion: Main Reasons Nobody Could Match Up To Arnold Schwarzenegger In Body Building(photos)

Arnold Schwarzenegger Is the hero and icon in the world of body building, he began his career as a youth and later moved to New York by the "Weider Brothers" who discovered his unique skill and gave him a chance to show his talent to the world. During his days as a professional body builder, he won the Mr. Olympia competition several times, but many still question why arnold was unbeatable in the sports of body building, well alot of factors are responsible for it and we will take a look at some of these factors.

Arnold was definitely tough and took pride in who he was, he knew the secrets in body building, which was one major reason his body was amazing plus he had a good coach, but aside from that, let's examine more reasons why he was bigger than others.

1. His Genetics

His gene was special, he is a "Mesomorph", a body type which is scientifically known to hold more muscles and grow bigger when stressed by iron, compared to the other body types that find it difficult to build muscle. This alone made his work easier, since his body responds in the right way.

2. He worked smart and hard.

He realized that he had all he needed to be the best, and all he had to do was to push himself harder and break all limits. Which was exactly what he did as he was known to spend countless hours in the gym, he would sleep in the house of a friend who lives close to the gym or sometimes spend the whole night in the gym.

He was fueled by the desire to be the best at what he does, and that alone made him more prepared and focused than the rest in his time.

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