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2 Health Damages That Can Occur When You Try To Hold Your Sneeze

One of the functions of the upper respiratory tract is to help purify the air being sent to the lungs. When we inhale an air filled with pollen grains, smoke, dust and other irregularities, this part of our body often reacts to get rid of them by triggering in us a need to sneeze.

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Sneezing often would involve a lot of pressure produced by our respiratory system which helps push droplets of mucus about 100 miles per hour. When you try not to let this pressure out but to keep it within when the urge to sneeze comes, here are some potential damages you might bring yourself.

1. Rupture of eardrum

The tube that connects the middle ear and the eardrum known as the eustachian tube can possibly receive some of the air you try to repress from going out. This could result to pressure being built on the eardrum and eventually, it's rupture leading to hearing loss that is often temporal and heals with time.

2. Aneurysm

Trying to repress a natural reflex when you feel the urge to sneeze can result in rupture of brain aneurysm according to experts. This most times can be life threatening.

Sneezing is a natural reflex and remember nature can't be cheated. When you feel the urge to sneeze, you can get up if you are in the midst of people and excuse yourself to a place you can answer this call more comfortably. Do not try to repress it. If you can't leave where you are at the moment then you should consider using a handkerchief to cover your mouth while you sneeze.

When it comes recurrently, it is likely that your mucus membrane is dirty and in this case, you would have to blow your nose so as to be free.

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