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7 Signs Someone May Be Getting Dementia (Difficulty Remembering Things), According to Experts

As people age, they have more difficulty remembering things. Many cognitive changes, including dementia, are, nonetheless, a normal part of aging. Dementia is a broad word that refers to "reduced capacity to recall, reason, or make judgements that interferes with daily activities." It affects an estimated 5 million adults. Although there is no cure for dementia, recognizing it sooner rather than later can help with care. According to the Alzheimer's Association, there are seven symptoms that someone is developing dementia:

1. You've noticed that your memory is deteriorating, which is interfering with your daily activities. While recalling a phone number isn't a major concern, the Alzheimer's Association lists forgetting freshly learned information among the key indicators of dementia. It could be an indication of dementia if someone keeps asking the same questions or has to use memory aids.

2. You Have a Hard Time Planning or Solving Problems. You normally have no trouble sticking to a schedule or keeping track of your finances. Then, all of a sudden, these mundane things become a challenge. This could be a symptom of dementia.

3. You've seen a decrease in or a lack of judgment. Is it possible that your decision-making or judgment has deteriorated? It's possible that it's a symptom of dementia. This can manifest itself in a variety of ways, including poor financial decisions or a lack of grooming.

4. You begin to mix up times, places, and people. Dementia patients frequently lose track of dates, names, and even seasons.

5. You have difficulty deciphering visual images and spatial relationships. Vision issues can also be an early symptom of dementia, affecting balance and reading abilities.

6. You Have Difficulties Speaking or Writing. Dementia patients frequently struggle with language, have trouble coming up with names for certain objects, or use the incorrect word.

7. You begin misplacing items and are unable to retrace your steps. Another common symptom of dementia is a person's inability to recall where they put stuff or to recall their steps.

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