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Serious Reasons Why People Collapse You Never Knew, And How You Can Help Save Lives

I will like to start by giving us a brief definition of what the word Collapse means.

Collapse is when you fall down for no obvious or concious reason. It can happen when a person feels unconscious for a few seconds such as when you faint.

Reasons why people collapse.

Faint comes as a result of hearts rate drops and blood vessels widening. This causes blood to pool in the legs, meaning less blood reaches your brain. Fainting is also called syncope.

It can be caused by triggers that includes heat, standing for a long time, seeing blood or a shock. Dehydration and low blood pressure or sugar can cause someone to collapse.

Other serious causes of collapse include: 

A heart attack 


A seizure

An injury or accident, especially if the person's chest or head was affected. 

Drug overdose

Apply this measures when someone faintsaround you.

1. Ensure that the patient and everyone in the area is safe. Do not put yourself or others at risk. Or move the person out.

2. Look for a response from the patient. Like calling his or her name or asking them their name.

3. If there is no response call the hospital or emergency number or if your phone is no around you ask someone to make the call because you shouldn't leave the patient.

4. Remove any obvious blockage in the mouth or nose, such as vomits, food, blood. Then gently tilt their head back and lift their chin. 

5. Also check if the person is breathing abnormally or not breathing at all after 10 seconds. If they are breathing normally then place them in the recovering position.(like sitting them up) and stay with them. 

After a collapse you should seek medical attention as soon as possible. Your doctor or the hospital will run tests including blood pressure, blood sugar, heart beats, a urine test for infection and X Ray if you injured yourself when you collapsed. 

Do not drive after you have collapsed. Make sure that there is someone with you. Follow your doctor's instructions on eating and drinking and take any medicine they may have given you. 

If you are likely to faint, avoid triggers like standing up quickly or getting dehydrated.

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