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This Is African Walnuts. You Should Know These 4 Things Before You Eat It

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This is African Walnut. It is rich in fiber and vitamins.

Walnut is a seasonal nuts gotten from plants. According to research, there are different health benefits of consuming Walnuts. One of them is what it does to the heart.

"Black walnuts contain three main components that make them beneficial when consumed – antioxidants, polyunsaturated fats, and phenolic compounds. The walnuts also contain a range of other nutrients that includes fiber, protein, melatonin, and folate, which is a type of B vitamin" MedicalNewsToday.

There is no food on earth without side effect, even clean water, when taken in excess gives dis


There different kinds of species of walnuts. The walnuts we eat in Africa is different from the American Walnuts.

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Black walnut is a popular nuts consumed by all. It has its own side effects. There are many who don't know about it. Each time they eat Walnuts, they complain about discomfort in their body. I have taken time to observe these side effects and confirmed that they are real.

Walnut Can Cause Stomach pains

One side effect common to walnuts is that it can cause digestive issue. Though it may help treat digestive issues but sometimes, they may aggravates the problem.

Walnuts give stomach bloating, diarrhea and pains when eaten in excess.

Walnut aggravates Stomach Ulcers

This is so true. Ulcer patients should not eat walnut in an empty stomach. When eaten, it gives heartburn and hotness in the stomach.

Walnut is good for everyone. But ulcer patient have complained about heartburn and discomfort in the stomach after eating it. So, before you eat Walnut next time, make sure you have eaten oily food.

Do not Eat Walnuts as a breakfast

One thing to know about Walnuts is that it is highly dense in fiber. It is digestant on its own. If you feel heaviness in your stomach due to excessive feeding, take some Walnuts, it will digest the meal and make you feel light.

So, what does it do when you eat it as a single meal and go about your business?

You will feel light in your body, including your head. When the nut is eaten in an empty stomach, it causes harm in the stomach lining. Put a food in the stomach before Walnut or eat immediately after consuming Walnuts.

Walnut gives the feeling of emptiness in the body. Do not eat Walnut if you are engaging in a work that exerts your energy.

If you are Allergic to Nuts, Do not Eat Walnut

Allergies to tree nuts are common. The symptoms may include: shortness of breath, itching of the mouth, eyes or throat, nasal congestion and nausea. The most dangerous form of allergy reaction in walnut is known as Anaphylaxis. It impairs breathing and sends the body into a state of shock.

Walnut may cause allergic reactions in people who reacts to nuts. So, take note. When next you eat walnuts, watch out for any reaction.


In order to ascertain the truth in all that we have said, buy a well cooked walnuts or cook them in your house. Eat few of the nuts first thing in the morning without food. Take note for its reactions in your body. If you have a history of ulcer, observe your symptoms when next you eat walnuts.

Finally, remember, walnuts is best eaten with oily food. Do not eat it in an empty stomach.

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